Ginger & Spice With Curry Is Nice - Dip Mix
Ginger & Spice With Curry Is Nice - Dip Mix
Ginger & Spice With Curry Is Nice - Dip Mix

Ginger & Spice With Curry Is Nice - Dip Mix


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The name says it all! A blend of curry, crystallized ginger, onion and more. Great for dips, spreads, hot and cold salads, rice dishes and chicken.


Ginger, Curry, Onion, Mustard Powder.

No MSG, No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Salt, Gluten-Free

Each Package:

Yields 2.5 Batches

(1 Batch= 2 Cups of Product)

Two Sizes Available:

  • Individual
  • Food Service


Ginger & Spice With Curry Is Nice Recipes

Cheese Spread For Crackers

  • 8 oz Cream Cheese

  • ¼  Cup Mayonnaise


Mix 3 Tbs. GINGER AND CURRY Mix with Mayonnaise and softened cream cheese. Place in serving container and store in the refrigerator until serving time. Best made ahead.

Any or all of the following condiments enhance this ginger-curry cheese spread and may be placed on top of it: Chutney, Chopped Peanuts, Crisp Chopped Bacon, Chopped Green Onions, Coconut, Raisins. Serve with crackers.

To serve as a Vegetable dip:

Mix ½ cup Mayonnaise with 1 ½ tsp dry mix. Refrigerate before serving. Good with cold vegetables or cold shrimp. 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Martha Todebush
Just OK

Tried 2 ways, as the spread with the cream cheese and mayo, and as the dip with sour cream and mayo, which we liked better. Didn’t try with yogurt.
Curry too mild, ginger weak, combo of ingredients, not sure what.

Catherine Garner
Delicious and Delighted

I bought this mix literally years ago and recently found it again in the back of my spice drawer. I decided to mix some up and it was as delish as I remembered, but now it was gone. What surprise when I searched online and found it still available! I’ll be ordering extra for gifts this year.

Deborah Mason
ginger and spice with curry IS nice!

I first bought this combo years ago in a gift shop and loved it. I add it to all sorts of dishes, including egg salad and potato salad. I couldn't find it again but had saved the label and found it on line directly from To Market To Market. I love your products.

Charlotte Holt
"Ginger and spice with curry is nice." It's addictive.

I have bought a minimum of 20 packages this curry one plus other flavors.. I give them away as a mini gift for my family and friends and of course I've kept some for myself. Anyone who likes curry, will love this. Guaranteed.

Laura Fitzgerald
Not my first or last purchase of this product.

I can’t say enough of how good/great this product is!

I often use it as a coating when make ahi tuna.steaks. It’s also a nice add to chicken and turkey burgers. I also added it to a basic cream sauce and it was wonderful!!!

Please give it a go!